Hey, I'm Brenda, the creator. Welcome to my passion.
What sparked this fire in my soul? When I was a fourteen-year-old, I was frustrated that I could never find things that fit me properly, or things that I liked in general. I often saw gorgeous dresses that I wanted, but the hefty price tags weren't ideal for a teenager!
Something ticked inside of me - why don't I make all these gorgeous dresses myself? From there, I got my first sewing machine, and with my Granny's help, I began sewing. And sewing more. And sewing MORE.
I was a girl obsessed. Soon my friends were asking me to make dresses for them, and let me tell you, there isn't anything that beats the feeling of seeing your hard work in the spotlight.
Fast forward ten years with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Fashion) up my sleeve and many hours of designing, toiling and sampling, I'm bringing my dreams to life and breaking into the industry. 
But this isn't any ordinary CTRL + C label. I want to personally connect with everyone who wears a piece of my soul on their body. The feeling of seeing your creation come to life on the female form never gets old to me.
Fashion is the art we live our lives in. It expresses who you are, transforms the everyday and ignites all your senses. When you wear one of my designs, I want you to be feelin' yourself and smile when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.
I also have a mission that goes beyond designing pretty dresses, and that is encouraging self confidence and a strong body image in women. Like many women, I've had a poor perception of my own image in my life. We pick at our flaws, and don't appreciate how naturally blessed we are in our own unique ways.
Women are incredible in the way they support each other, so let's change this together! With every dress sold, I will donate 5% of the sale to an eating disorder charity. This means every time one of my dresses makes the wearer feel confident, it also helps another woman who needs to remember that they're beautiful too.
Now let's go and sparkle our way through life!
- Brenda xx