What started as a fourteen-year-old girl finding an interest in making her own clothes is now transforming into an emerging ready-to-wear womenswear label.
This girl who dreams of using her passion to create her own unique label is here to break into the industry.
Throughout this journey, head designer Brenda Loveday has developed self-taught skills, as well as completing her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Fashion) in 2017.
The desire and passion to create a label that truly represents her are evident through her years of creative work.
Designing, pattern-making, toiling and sampling all takes place here in Adelaide. We endeavour to involve ourselves in as many stages of the production as possible. Everything from the silhouette to design features is carefully designed to portray the wearer's strength and beauty.
There is a balance between boasting elegance and empowerment throughout our designs. The wearer chooses us because they desire confidence and wish to charm onlookers.